Thai Massage

Also known as Thai Yoga Bodywork, Thai Massage has lasting benefits that go beyond conventional massage. Passive Yoga stretching, deep tissue compression, joint mobilization and traction give lasting affects that you will feel for days after the massage. 

Free 15 minute mini massage

Guided Soul Circle

Come and gather with us for a Healing Circle and share your concerns, set new intentions and find the support and love you need to step forward in your life. You will be guided through exercises and meditations that will guide you to your inner soul, help you let go of past thoughts and habits and find new tools to change your life for the better.

Meetings every thursday at 6:30 pm

Reiki Share

Are you a Reiki Practitioner and in need of getting some Reiki yourself.? Come to our Retki Share Event every month to connect with other healers in the area and receive wonderful energy healing , insight and loving support.

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Crystal Healing

This healing modality is an energy healing much like Reiki with the support of crystals to enhance the energy flow.  The sacred geometry of the crystals resonates with the electromagnetic fields that surround us and the earth, enhancing the energy flow.

Free Consultation

Reiki Circle

If you've never experienced Reiki, maybe want to more about what it is and how it works, you are invited to our Reiki Ciecle where you can get the full experience of Reiki Energy Healing.

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