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Toe Sox and Tavi Noirs are on sale for the month of June! Fun colors and styles await your feet for a happy Spring into Summer!

May 27 through June 30

lotus sound

Megan Long is providing beautiful Himalayan Energy Medicine through Sound Baths. Crystal and metal bowls, gongs, ting shaws and tuning forks provide a serene space to experience vibrational healing.

Every Wednesday Night 7 pm

sound bath

Joni of Healing Center Body Works and Megan of Lotus Sound are collaborating to create an amazing Sound Bath Experience.

Nourishing Journey to Life Changing Health

Join us at the Nourishing Journey hosted by Winona of Nourished AK August 16 -18. 

retreats far and wide

How would you like to spend a week away in a different climate and community and immerse yourself in the experience of meditation, intention, breathing, relaxation? White Feather is collaborating with True Nature Travels to take you away  a a dream getaway and find a place to immerse yourself in discovery of yourself and relationships to others , the environment, and your spirit path. Possible locations include Costa Rica and Thailand.